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DevOps Engineer


Why work a**t C**orsearch**?**

Our team analyzes millions of listings per day, ingesting data at a tera-scale rate. If that is not challenging enough, our overarching goal is to spot detrimental online activity for our customers and coordinate investigation activities in near real-time with advanced data-streaming and data-classification techniques. We run machine learning, image recognition, risk analysis and fraud detection algorithms in parallel to help clean the internet.

What do we ask of you?

There are a few skills you should master, but don’t be afraid; we strongly believe it is your character that determines whether you are a good fit for our team or not. Besides your experience and expertise, we would like you to bring excitement, speed, creativity and a moonshot attitude to the team. We thrive in a fast-paced, FUN startup environment, taking on many challenges at once. That is what we would like to see with you as well: a passion, a fire within.

Technical Requirements:

-Solid understanding of Linux/Unix operating systems;

- Proficient with Bash;

- Proficient with deployment pipelines CI/CD and relative tools (Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI);

- Proficient with Infrastructure-as-code deployment tooling, supporting services on multiple. cloud providers and on-premise virtualization;

- Strong understanding of SOA, microservice architectures and RESTful web-services;

- Solid experience with Amazon Web Services;

- Solid understanding and experience with implementing security principles;

- You enjoy building high available and elastic architectures;

- You have experience in building metrics, logging, analytics and alerting for performance and security across all endpoints and applications.

Non-technical requirements:

- 4+ years of experience in DevOps Engineering;

- You have the ability to advice software engineers in writing architectures that can scale;

- Fluent communication skills in English;

- Focus on details and quality;

- Proactive and goal oriented;

- Strong problem solving skills;

- Customer focus: You have the ability to understand what the customer challenge is, and drive backwards to reliable and effective technical solutions;

- Raise the bar: Your solutions and technical advice are founded on your solid technical experience. You have managed one or more teams into continued success and your leadership prevails even in ambiguous scenarios.

Useful to have:

- Familiar with any Object Oriented programming language;

- Familiar with Big Data architectures.