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PostHog - First engineer - full stack

First engineer - full stack

full stack

PostHog is open-source, developer-friendly product analytics.We had the [most succesful b2b software HackerNews launch since 2012](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22376732), we've got [1.7K stars on our repo](https://github.com/posthog/posthog) right now, hundreds of users and deployments at large companies.This is a super exciting time to be joining PostHog. We're growing like crazy and we need your help.**Our culture**In reality, as one of our first hires you'll have a large hand in shaping this, but some keywords:* Remote first* "Write things down"* Prefer making things transparent and public* No need for crazy hours. Work hard when you're working.**Your role**As first engineer, you'll be key to building a lot of the core functionality of PostHog. We encourage you to take a look at our repo (issues and PRs) to see the type of things you'd be doing. Our stack is Django/React/Redux/Postgres.**Hiring process*** You'll have a 30 minute phone-call with our CTO Tim* You'll meet our CEO James* We'll pay you a normal contracting rates for anywhere between 1-5 days to do some work on PostHog. This will give you a chance to learn how we'd work with you, and for us to see how you work. You'll also end up with some open-source contributions.* We make a decision.**Our backers**We're backed by YCombinator, Solomon Hykes (ex-founder/CEO Docker), David Cramer (Founder/CEO Sentry), Adam Goldstein (Founder Hipmunk).