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Radish Lab - Full Stack Web Developer With React Ruby On Rails Experience

Full Stack Web Developer With React Ruby On Rails Experience

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Looking for an individual who is very experienced in React and Ruby on Rails to work on two existing websites. 

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Your work will be centered on the development of a large-scale web application built with Ruby on Rails, Docker, Webpack, and React with a custom CMS and PostgreSQL database.

You'll be tasked with writing both back-end and front-end application code to build out the site, add features and functionality, debug, and oversee all new development.

Candidates should be comfortable on either end of the tech stack, adept at complex problem-solving, and able to hit the ground running as the primary developer on a project.

• Writing maintainable, modular front-end code in React.
• Using and refining front-end build scripts using Webpack.
• Writing back-end code in Ruby for a Ruby on Rails server-side web application framework.
• Managing a Docker Container and configuration for multi-tier development environment.
• Working with PostgreSQL database and related back-end technologies.
• Following Git and GitHub best practices to maintain a clean and well documented, version-controlled codebase and managing issues and milestones on deadline.
• Overseeing all project DevOps such as code deployments on regular sprint cycles and build script configurations.
• Our staging and production servers are both hosted on AWS EC2 instances so responsibilities will include maintaining those hosting environments which run Docker with an Nginx reverse proxy for handling incoming requests.

• At least three years of experience as a full-stack web developer working with Ruby and React, end-to-end.
• Deep expertise and understanding of modern web development technologies and concepts such as HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, APIs, cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, and mobile-first web development.
• Proficiency with Rails-based content management systems and authorization systems.
• Understanding of relational database systems, object-oriented programming, and cloud computing services.
• Hands-on experience with the AWS ecosystem and maintaining unmanaged servers.
• Comfort with the terminal, running command-line based utilities, and shell scripting (e.g. Bash).
• Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written English.
• Proven success in a lead developer role.