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Lead Technical Support Test Engineer

customer support

We are looking for an engineer and leader with a “find a way or make a way” attitude who has a passion for ensuring products “just work” for customers.  This is an opportunity to be the lead / founding member of a new department within GrowFlow, Support Engineering. The mission of Support Engineering is to be the primary point of contact between Customer Happiness and the Product Engineering organization, to triage and resolve front-line technical issues as well as develop tooling, infrastructure and platform to facilitate rapid turnaround time to escalations.

We’re a hybrid stack

  • Our “NextGen” technology is written in .Net Core, NodeJS and React and lives on GKE/Google Cloud Platform.  Our “Legacy” platform is AngularJS (aka Angular 1) and ASP.NET.

  • We’re looking for senior talent to contribute to our NextGen but who is also capable, when required, to roll up their sleeves and dive into legacy.

Build something challenging.

This isn't just another CRUD application. Your challenge will be to deliver a highly-available service with complex business logic being used by hundreds of businesses 24/7 to keep their operations running.  Our entity model is vast and a major part of our domain is synchronizing data with third party traceability systems. Explore the limits of your resourcefulness by designing human and automated systems that deliver consistent performance, reliability and scale whilst working with less-than-ideal third-party requirements and systems.

See if you fit our requirements.

For this role, we are looking for someone with the following characteristics:

  • 5+ years total engineering experience

  • 3+ years support engineering experience

  • 2+ years experience with engineering testing

  • Bonus:

  • Experience working product engineering on front-end and/or back-end applications

  • Familiarity with ES6/NodeJS & ReactJS

  • Bonus for familiarity with ASP.NET and AngularJS

  • Ability to acutely focus on company objectives and mission at hand.

  • Proven dedication to creating maintainable, functional, and reliable systems.

  • Ability to pass a background check; have appropriate work authorization

Your Mission & Responsibilities:

  • Be the founding member of the Growflow Support Engineering team, set the culture, goals and workflows for the future of the team

  • Own the flow of communication between support and product engineering, acting as a filter/umbrella for issues that can be resolved by support

  • Innovate on new tools and processes to aide support in their mission of servicing customers

  • Work with product engineering to architect test plans to maintain a high bar for quality

  • Contribute to our culture by designing and developing with intention as well as our focus on continuous improvement.

  • Advise, mentor, coach and lead other engineers on projects, small to large, from start to finish.