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Drops -  Product Designer

Product Designer

product design
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**About us:**Drops’ goal is to turn language learning into a delightful game while ensuring effective learning. Drops is one of the top10 most innovative education companies according to FastCompany. Our app is in the Appstore for 3+ years, teaches 32 languages, was featured by both the App Store and Play Store multiple times - App of the Year in 2018 on the Play Store - and the company is still run by the founders. We are a small, super-capable remote team mainly spread across Europe (we have a small marketing crew in California) . We’re working synchronously, so time zones matter for us. We communicate via Slack, Github and Monday. We want to be the no.1 app for vocabulary learning and we are getting there quickly with our current user base of 17 million, a monthly active of >1,500,000 and an average store rating of 4.7.**You can find us here: http://drops.app.link/****✨ What makes us different?*** We’re a small team. We optimise for impact, not headcount. * We carefully consider tradeoffs in product, technology and processes that could lead to increased complexity.* We use React Native on the frontend, hence we have no separate Android, iOS and Web team.* We don’t believe in hierarchy. Autonomy, ownership and passion are the secret ingredients behind Drops. Clear, honest communication is the linchpin of our culture, success and independence.