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Hi RemoteOK Fam,We are looking for a new remote recruiter to join our team.The position pays $1500 / week. This is a contract / freelance position and requires ~ 100 - 120 hrs / month of your time.Also, please make sure to complete your profile on [Contra](http://contra.com). If you are interested in this position, please describe how you would effectively build out and improve Contra’s recruitment strategy and onboarding process.*For the fastest responses please fill out this [typeform](https://contra-ambassadors.typeform.com/to/jUZHJ4):**Company Statement**Contra is a professional platform empowering the independent digital workforce to create exclusive professional communities and referral networks.**Tell Us More About the Company**Contra was started by a group of independents who were tired of existing professional networks that were old, outdated and blind to the needs of digital professionals. With Contra you can create stunning visual profiles, creative exclusive referral communities, and earn money commission free using our project and contract tools. Contra is creating a new way to work for the independent digital workforce.