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Fintechdb - Ruby on Rails and Stimulus.js

Ruby on Rails and Stimulus.js

full stack
ruby on rails

We need a competent full stack developer with Ruby on Rails and Stimulus.js experience (knowledge of React, Vue, or friends welcome too! D3 is a huge boon) who can help us improve and build our app.You'll work closely with our team to help us build our app and data infrastructure, which is centered on pulling data about every fintech firm on the web and letting users interact with it in the app. We value experience, independent work, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of our tech stack.If things go well there is a chance the role could eventually become more permanent.We run a Rails monolith on Heroku/AWS which leverages Elasticsearch and Postgres on the backend, and which mostly serves simple HTML on the frontend. When more interactivity is needed, we resort to using Stimulus.js. Data viz is done via D3.js.