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Scalable Path - Senior Freelancers

Senior Freelancers


At Scalable Path, we work remotely with startups and big businesses to build exciting tech products. Over the past year, we’ve tackled hundreds of cutting-edge projects with clients from all over the world.

We place dozens of developers each month, and we’re always looking for more senior-level professionals with expertise in front-end, back-end, design, UI/UX, mobile and DevOps.

If you are highly experienced in one of these areas and would like to earn $30 to $70 USD per hour - we want you on our team!

Here are the requirements for joining our Scalable Path team:

  • 5+ years of professional experience

  • Excellent communication and soft skills

  • Excellent English skills

  • A fast, reliable computer and internet connection

  • Adherence to coding standards and QA best practices.

  • A positive and collaborative attitude.

  • An Interest in staying current with the latest industry trends

If you’re interested in working with us, please apply now to create a profile.