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CareEvolution - Software Developers Operations Personnel For Healthcare Platform

Software Developers Operations Personnel For Healthcare Platform

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Come and do something that actually matters.

CareEvolution’s software platform is helping to solve some of the most pressing problems in patient care and public health.

Our mobile and web applications are used by clinicians, researchers, and patients. For example, our MyDataHelps app supports research like the Scripps Research Institute's DETECT Health Study, whose objective to identify early warning signs for viral illness—including COVID-19.

CareEvolution a problem-oriented organization. As such, we’re looking for new colleagues who are at ease transcending stack/competency boundaries. We are not necessarily looking for people who are “full stack” but we do not hire people who are "single stack" (for example, front-end only). Interested candidates should have at least three of the following competencies:

  • Development Technologies

  • C#

  • Python

  • SQL (especially advanced knowledge of SQL Server)

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Javascript

  • Operations

  • AWS

  • Windows Server

  • Powershell

  • Active Directory

  • Terraform

  • Reliability Engineering

  • Monitoring and Security Operations

  • Splunk

  • Nagios

  • Advanced firewall configuration

  • Backups and validation

  • NIST 800-53 Rev. 4


  • QA

  • Testing

  • Bug reproduction, prioritization, resolution, and elevation

  • Support

  • Documentation

  • Deployment Upgrades

  • Configuration

  • Testing

  • Validation

  • Customer Management

  • Communication

  • Requirements discovery

  • Feature prioritization and synthesis

  • Validation

  • Health IT Expertise

  • HL7

  • CCD

  • Claims formats

  • ICD9/ICD10


  • Etc.

  • Statistics/ML

  • Other Competencies

  • UX

  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • Client interaction

  • Product ownership and management

We do not hire people who are, for example, “front-end only”. In a problem-oriented organization like CareEvolution, we must hire personnel who are at ease transcending stack/competency boundaries.

CareEvolution is a great place to work. Some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Very competitive salary

  • Remote work culture from the beginning ( of us are remote)

  • Top-notch colleagues

  • The opportunity to work on real problems

  • The opportunity and responsibility to define your own destiny at the company

  • Small, flat, politics-free organization

  • Extremely stable but rapidly growing core business

Interested? Schedule a remote interview with us by submitting your resume to resume@careevolution.com.

Must be U.S. Resident to apply.