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Libera, Inc. - Software Engineer

Software Engineer

node js
front end
digital nomad

JOB SUMMARY:This position is responsible for developing web-based applications in modern technologies in an Agile / Kanban environment. Adhere to best practices when designing, implementing, testing and developing scalable, secure code. Work closely with Product Managers, Quality Analysts and DevOps Engineers.JOB ESSENTIAL DUTIES : These are job duties essential for every position at LiberaCOMMUNICATION: * Actively listens to others * Ability to present information * Written communication skills * Demonstrate concern and understanding * Treat confidential information appropriately * Promote open communication * Provide timely and effective written/verbal communication * Keep others informed of progress and/or problems * Share information * Explain reasons for decisions affecting others PROBLEM SOLVING:* Proactive approach to solving problems * Gathers and analyzes information skillfully * Think creatively * Anticipate problems * Demonstrate conflict resolution skills and ability to solve problems* Identify and mitigate risks appropriately * Recommend improvements to security policies when possible weaknesses are observed LEADERSHIP: * Deliver according to Corporate goals* Demonstrate ability to manage conflict * Take proactive approach to implement change * Ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect * Be self-motivated * Demonstrate a positive attitude * Display willingness to make decisions * Is customer focused * Motivate others to perform well * Manage stress * Seek opportunities for professional / self-development * Exhibits confidence in self and others * Be polite and avoid offensive language * Seek to be an example in all actions and interactions TEAMWORK: * Work effectively and dependably with others to meet team objectives * Encourage others * Demonstrate concern and understanding for co-workers * Exhibits objectivity and openness to other’s views * Prepares for and leads meetings * Demonstrate strong responsibility toward personal assignments * Is accountable for actions * Use and/or encourages joint problem solving * Involves others in decision making * Is open to receiving and giving feedback * Develop peer relationships CORPORATE CULTURE:* Follow Libera’s Mission by “Simplifying life through leveraging technology” * Embrace Libera’s Vision “To become the provider of choice for those bettering our world”* Values: Foster and deliver according to:* “Integrity” by being fair and balanced, truthful, and upholding moral fortitude* “Innovation” by taking action to revolutionize, change, and transform our organization* “Collaboration” by working together and sharing common goals to find the Win-Win* “Pioneering” by discovering, spearheading, and trailblazing to create original products* “Community” by serving the needs of others and of our world* Guiding Principles:* Consistently place “Relationship First, Business Second”* When collaborating “Never Negate Perception” because our “Differences Matter”* Embrace our “Always Be Improving” mentality* Exhibit a continuous “Overcome Every Problem” attitude by recommending solutionsAll the above job duties are subject to reasonable accommodation. This job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. Incumbents may be required to perform job-related tasks, duties, and/or responsibilities other than those specifically presented in this description.