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Software Engineering Manager

digital nomad

As an Engineering Manager on a services team for the Banno Platform at Jack Henry, you’ll get the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We believe that the world is a better place with community banks and credit unions. Our mission is to build the technology that gives community banks and credit unions the tools they need to compete against the big banks.

Service teams create highly scalable public APIs used by millions of customers to normalize access to multiple banking systems for use in our mobile and online banking clients. You’ll work on a team deploying and monitoring their own services. The current stack is written mostly in Scala accompanied by a few Node.js services alongside a couple of internal services written in Rust.

Ideal candidates are self-motivated technically competent servant leaders with experience mentoring and growing their team. For the first six months you will start as an engineer on the team while you learn our domain and build trust with your new team members.

We are committed to creativity, thoughtfulness, and openness. Our team is highly distributed, meaning you will work with kind, talented engineers from across the United States. Occasional travel may be required for professional development conferences or company meetings.

This is a remote position with the ability to collocate at several JHA locations nationwide if desired.


  • Minimum 6 years of experience with server-side programming languages.

  • Plus an additional 1 year of team lead, management or mentoring experience.

  • Minimum 1 year developing, maintaining, and supporting a public facing API in production.

  • Knowledge of or experience with microservice architecture in a production environment.


  • Experience with Scala, Rust, or Haskell in a production environment

  • Experience deploying, configuring, and maintaining services in AWS, Azure, or GCP

  • Experience with tools like Kafka, Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience migrating architectures to a cloud native environment

  • Experience with the cats, fs2, http4s, and doobie libraries.


  • Performs 1:1s with team members

  • Completes product technical design and prototyping, software development, bug verification and resolution.

  • Performs system analysis and programming activities which may require research.

  • Provides technical/engineering support for new and existing applications from code delivery until the retirement of the application.

  • Provides reasonable task and project effort estimates.

  • Ensures timely, effective, and quality delivery of software into production.

  • Develops and tests applications based on business requirements and industry best practices.

  • Creates required technical documentation.

  • Periodic troubleshooting during off hours for system failures.

  • Participates in an on-call rotation supporting team owned services

  • Collaboratively works across teams to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products.

  • Collaboratively works with customer support team to resolve or diagnose defects.

  • Determines practicality of ideas based on projected costs and sales potential.

  • Ensures technology solutions support the needs of the customer and/or organization.

  • Performs continuous review of technologies, industry standards and industry-related developments and makes recommendations relative to the need for further research and associated changes.

  • Coordinates work and services with other IS departments, contract service providers, and vendors.

  • May serve on Product Review Committees, Technology Review Committees and/or other committees, as required.