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Test Company Inc. looking for a motivated and experienced test engineer to help grow our test automation efforts (using NodeJs, React & Puppeteer) across the entire Test Company platform. This is a new key position, so your efforts will have a noticeable impact to our product which makes a difference for students at thousands of schools and colleges.# About your skills* 5+ years experience in QA automation and creation of test data sets* 5+ years experience in testing Restful APIs and frontend UIs, ideally implemented with React & Redux* familiar with test runners like Jest or mocha, and testing utilities like chai, Enzyme or React's TestUtils* write End-To-End tests in Node.js with any Webdriver-based UI framework, like Puppeteer, WebdriverIO or nightwatch* first experience with cloud testing providers such as Browerstack or SauceLabs* Excellent knowledge of how web applications work including usability, accessibility and security* Strong problem solving skills with a creative approach* Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse QA and testing techniques# About your responsibilities:* Automate, Automate, Automate!* Ensure that all feature deliverables meet quality objectives* Build effective test cases that are used for manual and automation testing* Diagnose, track and clearly document defects found* Work together with engineers, product owners and customer service to identify risks, understand how new features should be tested, and then engage them in contributing automated tests# Perks at Test Company Inc.* Work wherever you want. If you want to move, travel, experience the world, do it while having a full time job with us.* There is one group meeting a day and one once a week. Otherwise you work at your own pace. We connect via Slack and Zoom, and use github pull requests for code review.* We will get you whatever computer / phone / tablet you see fit.* Health / Dental / 401k (depends on your location)* Last and not least, you get to work on a product that makes a difference for students at thousands of schools and colleges. See what students say about us: [Our website](http://example.com/index.html)