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Web Application Developer

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The COMYAN Media System is a large, complex, web based digital asset management application that was developed over a course of more than two decades and is used by both small and some huge international newspaper publishing houses.

We are looking for a developer who wants to take it to the next stage with a cool new user interface design (the professional design is ready to implement) and new functions. We want you to implement the new UI with CSS/jQuery/Kendo components, refactor existing code, and regularly add new features to the system.

We are looking for a full stack web application developer with the following skills:

  • You are an experienced developer in JavaScript/jQuery, HTML and CSS.

  • You have good database programming / SQL skills (we use Microsoft SQL Server).

  • You ideally have experience with classic Microsoft server side web application technologies (Classic ASP, VBScript, COM+) or are motivated to get into them.

  • You are able and interested to take over an existing, grown, quite large software project.

  • You have a strong work ethic and high motivation to deliver results in every sprint.

  • You are preferably located in European timezones (UTC+0 to UTC+7).

The COMYAN Media System has been developed over a long period using the above mentioned languages and technologies. You will need to learn about its architecture and get familiar with the code, while we will help you to get into it. Note that this is not a green-field project, you need to get into those languages and adapt to existing code.

We are a small, active team, similar to a startup, but with experience of two decades and some very interesting international customers. We have been using Agile for more than ten years and have learned to seriously apply it to our projects and to our development workflow. We are internationally distributed and have been fully remote for several years. For our work, we have always thrived to use the latest tools, technologies and hardware (currently Microsoft DevOps, Azure, SQL Server 2019, Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio, Atlassian Confluence, and Office 365 with Teams for our meetings).

Are you interested? Apply now via the online application form!

Agency calls are not appreciated.

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